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Levelr - Learn Chinese appLevelr Chinese is an Android and iOS app to help people learn Chinese through current news media. We recreate news at three different levels so that no article will be too easy or difficult. Beginner and Intermediate articles have accompanying English translations, and we have a curated dictionary which gives simple definitions.

Levelr Chinese includes a full suite of learning tools, including Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionaries and integrate with the current HSK vocabulary. But this is just the beginning, we have a host of exciting new features in the works!

The Levelr app can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play by clicking on the badges below. An android version which does not require google play (suitable for use in mainland China) can be downloaded here: http://levelr.io/download/LearnChineseFromNews.apk

 Levelr: Read News and learn Chinese. All Levels.
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